Mezzanine Floor Case Study

A complex mezzanine floor installed in just three nights

Location: London, UK

Invicta has just completed the installation of a new mezzanine floor at Getty Images' London headquarters, which is the fourth major project for this regular long-term client. Getty Images is one of the largest global creators and distributors of imagery with 21 offices worldwide, serving 100 countries. They hold vast and unique collections of images and photographs and have the world's largest collection of high-quality film footage, supplying the news, sports, entertainment and media industries worldwide.

Acknowledged as market leaders in providing solutions for complex and challenging storage installations, Invicta was approached by Getty Images to create a new storage area for a unique private collection. To make optimum use of the available space, Invicta designed a mezzanine floor system, which had to overcome the unusual dimensions of the specified area. The 130m2 floor will be utilised alongside a multi-tier installation previously installed by Invicta.

To accommodate Getty Images' business activities and minimise disruption, the project was carried out by Invicta's mezzanine floor division working through the night, and was completed in just three days - dead on schedule.

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