Mezzanine Floor Building Regulations

We take full responsibility for ensuring that your mezzanine floor project is designed in compliance with all current building regulations, quality standards and best practice guidance, and for submission of plans to achieve the required consents.

We ensure that safety, access and fire regulations are taken into account at the design stage, and we even provide higher specification moisture-resistant decking as standard to ensure that our floors remain safe throughout their service life.

All our mezzanine floors conform to structural steel code BS 5950: Parts 1 and 5: Structural use of steel building, the general requirements of the Building Regulations and with BRE Digest 437. Ancillaries, such as staircases, handrails and toe plates, are designed to conform to BS 5395: Parts 1 and 3: Stairs, ladders and walkways and the Building Regulations Part K Stairways, ramps and guards. Design is to suit the loading category of intended use as covered by BS 6399: Part 1: Code of practice for dead and imposed loads.

To find out more about mezzanine floor building regulations, please get in touch with our team.