Mezzanine Floors in a domestic setting?

by InvictaMezzanineFloors 10. May 2011 22:40

Mezzanine Floors in a domestic setting?


Utilisation of space at home and in business is becoming more and more essential.  Space that is not being used is unproductive and could be put to better use for a myriad of different things. 


Mezzanine Floors in the domestic setting would be considered a unique feature and would most definitely become a talking point.  However, most Mezzanine Floors are found in industry and are most commonly installed to increase the storage capacity of warehouses or business premises.  Mezzanine Floors can significantly increase the square footage of any property that has excess overhead space.


It takes very little time, in relative terms, to install a Mezzanine Floor and the difference in costs between moving premises and installing a Mezzanine Floor are quite substantial.  There are some misconceptions that Mezzanine Floor installation is messy and time consuming – this is not necessarily the case.


Once the design has been approved the Mezzanine Floor is manufactured and constructed off site and then delivered and fitted by expert teams of professional fitters.  Another benefit of this type of improvement is that the Mezzanine Floor is completely independent of the actual structure of the building so, if necessary, can be removed at a later date.