Storage Mezzanine Floors

If your business is looking to increase the capacity of its existing storage facility, the installation of a storage mezzanine floor is the ideal solution.


Because it removes the need to use an off-site facility and allows you to store pallets loaded with goods via pallet gates, or you can opt for shelving to store boxes or separate items.

With commercial premises often underutilising the space above head height, this unused space can be transformed into a productive office or a storage area for your goods.

Importantly, disruption to your business will be kept to a minimum, allowing you to expand considerably without forking out for larger premises.

At Invicta, our intelligent design solutions and high standard of finish make our mezzanine floors suitable for any environment.

Whether it's a simple storage area or a prestige office environment, we'll work with your business to install a structure you can rely on.

For more information about storage mezzanine floors, please get in touch with a member of the team today - we'd be delighted to help.