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Mezzanine Floor Sliding Gates

Mezzanine Floor Upper Level Safety

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Mezzanine Floor Sliding Gates

Sliding Gate Protection for Mezzanine Floors

Invicta Mezzanine Floors designs and installs mezzanine floors that come with Slide Gates, which are the most effective means for guarded access to mezzanines and elevated work areas.

Designed to comply with British Standards for Health and Safety, they contribute to a safe and efficient work environment.

If you are looking for a gate that makes it safe and easy to access your pallets and goods, we recommend our Slide Gates. 


Mezzanine Floors Slide Gates

The simple and space-efficient operation of our Slide Gate has made it popular among warehouses and storage facilities. Installed into new or existing railing systems, the slide gate requires very little floor space to operate and functions well in work environments where overhead space is limited. 

Staff have the peace-of-mind working safely behind the gate and guardrail during the entire sliding motion. The sliding gate runs on silent polyurethane wheels and is securely fixed when closed, providing secure and safe use when accessing palletised goods.

Call us today to speak with one our specialists who will assist you in determining which Gate Protection system is right for your mezzanine floor. We’re here to help.

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