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Structural Steel Mezzanine Floors

High-Quality Light Weight Steel Mezzanine Structure

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Structural Steel Mezzanine Floors

For many years, Invicta Mezzanine Floors has been the most innovative designer and trusted installer of high-quality structural steel mezzanine floors in the UK. 

At the core, our success is attributable to our full turnkey solution, our 30 years of industry experience, the use of high-quality materials, a diverse range of products and services to meet all your needs.
Using the most advanced computer-based mezzanine floor production management system we deliver a higher specification of floor for less. Higher quality, lighter-weight floors incorporating unique design features come as standard; as does the peace of mind you get in knowing that you have selected the ultimate mezzanine floor system.

1. Mezzanine Support Columns. Our mezzanine floor columns are fire rated, vertical structural beams that effectively transmit the weight of the mezzanine floor above to other structural elements below. When a mezzanine floor is placed on columns, it creates an additional floor space and frees up access underneath, ideal for the storage of equipment or stock. 

We design the profile of the column and thickness of the steel to cost effectively meet the load required by the floor.

We prefabricate our columns precisely to your buildings dimensions to make maximum use of available height. Made from the highest quality steel, our structural steel columns are adaptable to various spaces, loads, and weights; ideal for offices or warehouses.

2. Mezzanine Floor Main Support Beams. The mezzanine floor main beam is the section of steel that runs horizontally along the top of the columns.  These main beams can be of any length and are bolted to plates welded on the top of the columns. The thickness of these main beams is determined by a combination of the mezzanine floor loading required and the span between the columns.

3. Mezzanine Floor Base Plates. A base plate or foot plate is a steel plate welded to the base of each column to spread the downward load exerted onto your mezzanine floor. A mezzanine footplate is generally 300mm x 300mm x 12mm thick, though can vary to further spread the load on your existing mezzanine floor. The footplate is bolted to your existing floor.

4. Mezzanine Floor Decking.

38 MM High High-Density Particle  Board (P6) - Our 38mm particle panels have a much higher degree of resistance to wear and tear, with superior load transfer across the edges. P6 has become the premium heavy duty particle board throughout the UK and is the strongest and most durable heavy duty particle board available.

38 mm moisture resistant particle board (P5) - The moisture resistant grade P5 is the most commonly specified floor decking in the UK. It is used extensively in new building constructions and refurbishment projects. P5 is the ideal product to use where high humidity is present or where there is a risk of a sudden increase in moisture.

Steel Durbar Decking - Durbar Decking is a strong, robust and stiff steel floor plate and is an economic and competitive solution for flooring. It's spanning properties and slip resistance have been extensively tested and its slip resistant performance has been proven in a range of applications over decades.

5. Mezzanine Floor Purlins (Secondary Beams). Are secondary beams bolted to the main beams with cleats. The length and centre point between these secondary beams will vary with the mezzanine floor load requirements and the choice of decking chosen. The mezzanine floor purlins or secondary beams run between main beams rather than on top of main beams to minimise the thickness of the floor.

6. Mezzanine Floor Handrail and Toeplate For health and safety reasons, edge protection is required for mezzanine floors. This applies to all exposed sides of the flooring and is usually achieved with our mezzanine handrail and toeplate system. As part of Invicta Mezzanine Floors turn-key mezzanine floor solution, we supply a range of handrails, toeplates, kickplates and mezzanine floor edge protection ancillaries applicable to each specific and individual project. Our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with British Standards and Building Regulations approved document K.


Contact us today for more information or call us to discuss your mezzanine floor project requirements in more detail. 

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