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Museum Mezzanine Floors

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The collections exhibited in most museums are a testament to human culture, tenacity and ingenuity. When it comes to providing safe storage and access to the thousands (if not millions) of artefacts behind closed doors, however, you need to be even more ingenious.

With nearly 30 years of industry experience, we understand that there are few tasks more specialised than devising a mezzanine floor solution for a museum. It has to preserve our national heritage while also representing a safe and efficient investment for the institution, where every penny could just as easily be spent on restoration or curation.

Developed in response to the challenges museums and cultural institutions face in housing and curating collections of significant value, our mezzanine floors are engineered and custom-built in house. Building an intimate relationship with each client, we design each unique mezzanine to precise specifications, to best store and conserve the artefacts and rare objects in question.

The history of many museum buildings presents its own challenge, and it’s one we rise to meet. We build and assemble our museum mezzanine floors to fit around architectural features, maximising the museum’s available vertical head-space. All of our mezzanines are also safety, fire and building regulation compliant, and offer a 1-hour fire rating.

Our mezzanine floors can be constructed to store the most sturdy individual item and the most fragile collection, with secure storage and preventive care options. In conjunction with our Racking Systems and Mobile Shelving divisions, we can also construct mezzanine floors fitted with shelving and racking, stair access and even goods lifts, according to the client’s precise requirements.

Our wealth of expertise and experience in the storage and conservation of museum objects can enhance the value and lifespan of your museum’s collection. By avoiding overcrowded, casual or unsafe storage conditions and wrongly sized shelving, the longevity of collections can be extended significantly.

For more information about our past museum mezzanine projects, or to learn how we can help protect and preserve your collections, get in touch with us today.

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