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Commercial Mezzanine Floors

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Commercial Mezzanine Floors

The variance in shapes and sizes of commercial properties can quickly stymie growth, as storage runs out and offices become cramped. A commercial mezzanine floor offers the perfect solution, creating space out of thin air in the headroom of a facility.

Invicta Mezzanine Floors has been designing, manufacturing and fitting commercial mezzanines for nearly 30 years. During that time we’ve become intimately aware of the varying needs of commercial businesses. Our complete turnkey package allows us to design mezzanines to fit any space, and install them without disrupting your business.

By building one or more raised platforms within your workspace, you can gain invaluable extra floors with a variety of uses. With structural steel beams and columns, our mezzanines are able to support substantial loads, making them ideal for exhibiting and storing stock, production and packing lines, or even heavy plant and machinery.

Our portfolio of specialist divisions allows us to fit our commercial mezzanines for a range of intended purposes. We can fit office partitions, racking and storage solutions, and a range of safety features and access options, including stairs and goods lifts. In addition, all of our mezzanines are fire, safety and building regulation compliant, and offer 1-hour fire protection.

Rather than go through the costly and time-consuming activity of relocating, installing an additional mezzanine floor within the existing location is often the ideal way to increased your storage capacity. The modular design of our mezzanines also allows them to be easily relocated and repurposed, meaning that they can scale with your business and adapt to your needs.

For more information on some of our previous commercial mezzanine projects, visit our Case Studies page or view the images in the gallery below. Alternatively, get in touch with us today to speak to one of our dedicated Project Managers, and find out how Invicta’s commercial mezzanine floors can help to support your business.


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