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Invicta Mezzanine Floors have been designing and installing state-of-the-art Mezzanines for over 30 years. From freestanding single-tier mezzanine floors to complex multi-purpose mezzanine constructs, our passion and commitment to quality and customer service is at the core of our longevity and success. Our mezzanine floors are custom-designed to meet your exact requirements and budget, and our in-house team will work with you through each phase of your Mezzanine Floor project.



Our six specialist divisions - Durasteel Passive Fire and Blast Protection, Racking Systems, Mezzanine Floors, Mobile Shelving, Ceilings & Partitioning, and Interiors - allow us to provide unique, turnkey solutions and collaborate on custom build designs.


Our five regional offices have led us to work in 24 separate countries to date, with projects ranging from the largest global landmarks and infrastructure projects, including London Heathrow Airport, Dubai Metro and Sadara - the largest chemical complex ever built in the world in a single phase - to the smallest office buildings.


What is a Mezzanine Floor? 

A mezzanine floor is a raised stand-alone structural steel platform, that adds a second or third intemediate floor level inside a facility and thereby doubles or triples the existing floor space. A typical mezzanine consists of steel support columns, steel framing, decking, hardware and ancillaries or options such as stairs, pallet gates, goods lifts, platforms, guardrail, handrail and safety access gates.

Installation of a mezzanine floor within any building offers many advantages including being a more cost-effective solution over relocating to larger premesis, maximising use of the existing premises, doubling or tripling your existing working space, offsetting rising space costs and eliminating leased storage space.

A mezzanine floor is also easy to disassemble and relocate, is expandable to meet future growth needs, and can offer savings on insurance premiums, property taxes, land acquisition and energy costs, improve inventory management and control, streamline logistics and be customised to fit your exact space needs.

Where are Mezzanine Floors used?

Typically, when a business wants to expand their usable floor space and has the volume of available head space within their existing premises, a mezzanine floor can be installed to provide an economical and flexible alternative to relocating to new premesis.

Mezzanine floors help businesses to expand from within, improve their efficiencies and become adaptable to business growth and changing markets. Mezzanine floors can be installed within retail stores, manufacturing and processing plants, distribution centers, institutions, schools and universities, government facilities, office buildings, industrial plants, warehouses and more.

A mezzanine floor can allow you to double or triple your floor space and make the most of your unused over-head space. This space can be used for whatever purpose your business requires, from holding more stock or creating a new office spaces to providing extra seating for customers or housing new machinery and production lines. A mezzanine floor is an effective way to reorganise your premises and create a work space which is more productive and a business which is more competitive.

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