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Mezzanine Floor Uses

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Office Mezzanine Floors

Practical, Contemporary Office Mezzanine FloorMany commercial premises offer excessive, unused headroom space which is unproductive and can be costly to maintain. Invicta Mezzanine Floors can transform this vacant headspace into a productive office area or a valuable storage space with minimal disruption, allowing your business to expand considerably within the existing premises.

Every office mezzanine floor is unique and provided that your office mezzanine project meets the required building regulations and British standards, a mezzanine floor can be installed right away without difficulty, then immediately used as an additional office area - in effect, doubling your existing ground floor space.

If you see the potential of an additional mezzanine floor within your existing office workspace, or if you require an additional floor-level within a warehouse to position an office on the mezzanine, we can custom-design a solution compatible with your business’s precise need.

Invicta Mezzanine Floors is one of the UK’s leading designers and installers of top-quality office mezzanine floors and pursue nothing short of complete client satisfaction. We custom-build our office mezzanine floors to withstand substantial loads and are capable of supporting racking and shelving layouts, office equipment, office furniture, staff, bulk storage of office goods and even heavy plant and machinery. We also supply and install integrated office mezzanine solutions with partitioning, to create separate storage or work areas.

With intelligent design solutions, 1-hour rated fire protection and high standards of finish in a wide range of colour options, our office mezzanine floors are engineered to fit seamlessly into your office building and can be effectively installed into almost any space from floor to ceiling. Contact us today for more information or call anytime to speak with one of our experienced professionals.

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