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Mezzanine Floor Uses

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Outdoor Mezzanine Floors

An outdoor mezzanine floor, when installed in an out-of-door environment, enables businesses, sporting clubs, residential developers and outdoor organisations increase their floor-space by making the most of the unused outdoor area. 

Built to your individual requirements, our outdoor mezzanine floors can be as large or as small as required and using intelligent design techniques, they can be installed whilst your organisation remains operational. As one of the leading designers and installers of out door mezzanine floors, Invicta Mezzanine Floors can design and accommodate all kinds outdoor activities and events.

Our outdoor mezzanine floors allow you to raise your project clear of the erratic weather and allow your outdoor event to operate on a completely secure and level surface.

We engineer and install our outdoor mezzanine floors to adapt to any terrain and can include stairs, handrails and assistance facilities. We ensure compliance with all building, safety and fire regulations as part of our outdoor mezzanine design and installation process and deliver a completely integrated outdoor mezzanine solution, suited to your organisation’s precise function, specification, budget, and workspace.

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