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Mezzanine Floor Uses

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Storage Mezzanine Floors

Storage mezzanine floors

A storage mezzanine floor, when installed in a storage environment, enables a business to increase its storage capacity by utilising the vertical head-space that is already available to them within the dimensions of their premises. Storage mezzanine floors can be designed to accommodate all kinds of manufacturing equipment, stock, merchandise, company product lines and office documents and equipment. Storage mezzanine floors can integrate seamlessly into your existing set-up and custom-built to your individual business requirements.

Invicta Mezzanine Floors is one of the UK’s leading designers and installers of top-quality storage mezzanine floors and pursue nothing short of complete client satisfaction. Our storage mezzanine floors can be as large or as small as required and using intelligent design techniques, they can be installed whilst your business remains operational.

Rather than go through the costly and time-consuming activity of relocating, installing an additional mezzanine floor within the existing location is often the ideal way to achieve the increased storage capacity that your business requires, enabling it to grow whilst remaining flexible to meet demand. Our storage mezzanine floors are built to withstand substantial loads and are capable of supporting racking and shelving layouts, bulk storage of palletised goods, heavy plant and machinery. We also supply and install integrated storage mezzanine solutions with partitioning, to create separate storage or work areas.

We ensure compliance with all building, safety and fire regulations as part of our mezzanine design and installation process and we deliver a completely integrated storage mezzanine solution, well-suited to your business’s precise function, specification, budget, and workspace.

Case Studies

  • Silent Gliss

    Mezzanine Floor increases Storage Space in a Production Facility

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