Mezzanine Floor Construction

Rather than forking out large sums of cash for bigger premises, it's the savvy business owner who understands the cost effectiveness of a mezzanine floor.

Once you've worked with our experts to finalise the design of your mezzanine floor, however, you may wonder how your new installation will be constructed.

Check out everything you need to know below ...

  1. Lightweight steel frame consisting of universal hot rolled steel main beams are mounted onto hot rolled steel column sections.
  2. Steel columns fixed to concrete using expansion bolts.
  3. Main beans interlinked using cold rolled preformed galvanised lightweight joists, commonly at 600mm centres.
  4. Frame overlayed with decking of choice, commonly 38mm high density particleboard (specially formulated for mezzanine floors).
  5. Prefabricated mezzanine floor staircases, complying with current mezzanine floor building regulations, put into place and bolted to the mezzanine floor beams.
  6. Any required pallet gates put into place.
  7. Hand rail edge protection to exposed edges put into place with hand rail set at 1100mm from the decking, knee rail at mid-height and 100mm high kickplate alone the decking surface.

Any further questions?

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