Mezzanine Floors

Office and Warehouse Mezzanine Floor Specialists

A mezzanine floor is a great way to optimise the storage capacity of your warehouse or office and can be effectively installed into virtually any space from floor to ceiling, fitting seamlessly into a warehouse, office, production or retail environment.

Invicta has over 25 years' experience in mezzanine floor design and installation in all shapes and sizes to the highest standards across the UK and Europe. All of our floors are individually designed according to your exact requirements, and our dedicated team will work with you through all the stages of your project.

We have installed structures for use as additional storage areas, production, plant and retail across project complexities ranging from simple storage platforms to multi-level mezzanine fireproof vaults. Our experience in strategies and logistics has also enabled us to work to critical deadlines, even with the most complex and demanding of applications.

We know the result of your relationship with Invicta will be a smooth and painless to the highest standards, based upon the clearly defined process by which we arrive at the finished product. Through our knowledge of the industry, we have developed and perfected a fully integrated production management system specifically designed to provide our clients with the best possible service and value.

This enables us to produce:

  • The most competitive quotes based on the current market prices of steel
  • Fast and accurate quotes
  • Precise production schedule creation based on live manufacturing progress and installation team availability
  • Virtually instant CAD drawings and detailed output

The result is a service that actually delivers what it promises - a service developed specifically to provide you with the highest level of technical support and peace of mind.

Invicta's specialist manufacturing suppliers operate to tightly controlled just-in-time principles driven by the unique management system. The operation is set up to provide the most efficient and scalable production resource in the market today, capable of delivering floors ranging in size from just 20m² to vast multi-tiered and highly complex installations covering many tens of thousands of square metres.

Mezzanine Floor Installation Process

  • We create a design and quote according to your requirements
  • You confirm your order with us
  • We appoint a dedicated project manager to you
  • A site survey will be carried out
  • CAD drawings will then be created by our highly experienced design team based on initial design and site survey findings
  • A Structural Design Report for Building Regulations approval will be produced containing structural calculations
  • Production of your new floor will be scheduled
  • Our installation teams will be scheduled to commence the installation
  • Just-in-time manufacturing will commence on your new floor
  • Once production is complete, your new mezzanine floor will be delivered to your site
  • Our installation teams will immediately commence erection of the structure
  • Any final snagging completed
  • Safety and quality inspection carried out and signed off

All of our floors and staircases, also individually designed according to the design of your floor, are given a powder coated finish to give a highly durable and professional looking result. Any exposed perimeter edges of the floor are protected with an edge protection system, also powder coated.

If pallets are being stored on your mezzanine floor, we can install up-and-over pallet gates in order to allow safe loading and unloading.

All of our floors are designed and built to comply with the strict British Standards for Design of Structural Steelwork, adhere to SEMA and DETR approved guidelines and meet the Fire Precautions Act. See our Datasheets page for more information.

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