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Custom Designed Mezzanines

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Custom Designed Mezzanines

Custom-designed mezzanine floors incorporating storage, racking and mobile shelving Our custom-designed mezzanine floors are custom-engineered and installed to fit around existing plant equipment, building columns and other obstructions, and are designed for the specific capacities and loadings as needed by our customers. 

We can construct custom mezzanine floors that can be integrated with conveyors, vertical lifts, rack, in-plant offices, mobile shelving systems and other material handling products to help maximise the space within the current dimensions of the building as well as to improve product flow.

Our single or multi-level mezzanines are available to meet the exact area, height, colour and load requirements of the application. Custom-designed mezzanines offer unlimited design-style options, features and variations, and are able to meet application requirements from the very simple to the highly complex. Invicta Mezzanine Floors custom-design and custom-fit our mezzanine floors to your exact area, height and load capacities. Our mezzanine floors are also:

  • Built to building regulations, competitively priced and conform to BS5950
  • A turnkey solution from design concept to finish mezzanine floors, including mezzanine floor ancillaries to suit the mezzanine floor application 

Custom-designed warehouse storage mezzanine floor

Contact us today for more information or call us anytime to discuss your mezzanine floor project in more detail. 



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