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Rack Supported Mezzanines

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Rack Supported Mezzanines

Rack supported mezzanine floorRack Supported Mezzanine Floors use the pallet racking set-up below the mezzanine itself to securely support the mezzanine floor and its contents. With the pallet racking below the mezzanine floor and with the use of our mezzanine floor steel columns, the rack supported mezzanine floor is secure, stable and solidly anchored. 

The advantage of a rack supported mezzanine floor is the efficiency of using the space above your pallet racking to add an additional floor and work area to your facility. You now have additional floorspace in which to place more pallet racking, a new office space, extra work zones or just about anything you like. You gain previously unusable space by accessing vertical space in your facility to extend your storage or manufacturing processes.

Shelving or Rack Supported Mezzanines are either fully or partially supported by shelves or racks. The racking and shelving that supports the mezzanine gives you storage and shelving space below with an open area above that can be used as an additional work space or production area. Mezzanine Floor Over Racking and Shelving

Our rack supported mezzanines are designed by our in-house team to suit your business needs and products.

Contact us today to discuss your mezzanine floor project. 

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