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Up & Over Pallet Gates

Secure Efficient Up & Over Pallet Gates

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Up & Over Pallet Gates

Invicta Pallet Gates range. Call us to discuss your requirements.

Designed for maximum installation flexibility, Invicta Mezzanine Floors innovative Up and Over Pallet Gate will protect open areas on mezzanines, elevated platforms and rack systems during loading and unloading of your pallets, goods and material.

Designed and developed for secure and reliable operation, our Up and Over Safety Gate can be cut-to-width at your facility for an exact, custom fit. No other safety gate provides this level of installation flexibility and protection, where the perimeter railing and integral kick plates, and loading and unloading areas fully protected. This reduces accidents and injury from falling material, simplifies operations allowing quick, convenient and safe access by forklifts and personnel.

Our Up and Over safety gate eliminates the possibility of dropping a loose gate over the edge of a mezzanine platform. This lightweight gate is easily pivoted into the open position and securely locks in closed position.

The Up and Over gate has been designed for ultimate space efficiency. During use, the lightweight, yet strong gate rotates into an upright position, requiring less horizontal clearance than our Slide Gate model. Since the Up and Over safety gate parallels the guardrail plane, it occupies minimal floor space on your mezzanine platform, loading dock, pick module, or other elevated work areas. The pivot safety gate is securely hinged to its centre pivot post throughout the operation and securely locks into place when closed.

Call us today to speak with one our specialists who will assist you in determining which Gate Protection system is right for your mezzanine floor.


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